About Us



Medicus is a company founded in 1991. Its founder is Dr. Miodrag Stojanovski. Today Dipl.El.Ing Olivera Stojanovska is leading the company.
From the very beginning to the present day we work in the field of pharmacy. Today, our core business is import and distribution of dietary supplements from a range of ESI spa Italy, company that is a leader in Itaiy and beyond. 

We gained extensive experience and reputation in this area. The company employs highly qualified staff who is required to follow the most modern trends in trade and marketing and to implement them in operation.

Our team is constantly upgrading the skills and knowledge in order to provide better and timelier service to its partners and customers. Evidence for this is our continued growth and confidence gained by our associates. We strive to implement professional, fair and ethical standards in our work.
The main goal is to provide at our market high quality products with optimal price, an assortment that is primarily intended to maintain and improve the health; nutritional supplements and cosmetic products.